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     New financing for energy efficiency improvements ...

Use the savings on your electric utility bill to finance energy efficiency improvements. Read more ...

     New York State to take over LI Solar Rebate Program ...

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will take over management of Long Island's solar rebate program. Read more ...

     PSEG Long Island replaces LIPA ...

PSEG Long Island takes over running the Long Island electrical grid; LIPA as a public brand will largely disappear. Read more ...


Rebates and Tax Incentives!

     PSEG Long Island or NYSERDA Rebate

     + State Tax Credits + Federal Tax Incentives

     = SAVINGS!

Thanks to the New York State Solar Tax Credit, Federal Tax Incentives, and rebates offered by PSEG Long Island and NYSERDA, the cost of a solar energy system can be substantially reduced. A solar energy system can significantly reduce your energy bill on average of $80,000 over the 25 year warranty period.

Find out if your home or commercial property is right for solar energy, and calculate your free money in rebates and tax incentives. Contact Harvest Power today.

Commercial Solar Installers

  • Owners save on operating costs
  • Protect yourself from electric rate hikes
  • Achieve upwards of 10% ROI

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Residential Solar Installers

  • Homeowners can save $80,000
  • Increase your property values
  • Top quality from a trusted local business

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